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Hala tuju selepas UPSR permohonan tingkatan 1 2020

Kemana hendak pergi selepas UPSR? Masuk MRSM ke? Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP)? Sekolah Agama Negeri? SMKA?

About PTYA

It is founded by Cikgu Nora, a visionary educator who believes in making changes in the lives of our future leaders through the empowerment of knowledge and wisdom.

PTYA is aimed to nurture the young minds to excel academically and socially and to fulfill the aspiration of the parents to secure a better future for their loved ones. Since 2003, PTYA has gone through robust and critical phases to keep itself relevant with the ever changing landscape of our education field.

Over the years, hundreds of high achievers have been successfully produced.

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Here we add the most valuable value inside our student.

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We provide a conducive learning environment

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We motivate the students to work in group and support each other

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We listen to what students have to say and we provide insightful feedback

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Best Tuition Centre in Seremban 2

Successful Story

Nothing is impossible, Do not give up and accept the weaknesses of our children before we seek opportunities to help them. Most important is open your heart and ready for the lessons from us, InsyAllah what happened next will open your thought and mind to create more successful story.